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General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions apply to all reservations made via strandhoteldehorn.nl (the hotel website), e-mail, telephone reservations and intermediaries such as travel agencies and online travel agents.

Reservations made via an intermediary (travel agencies and online travel agents etc.) may have different cancellation conditions.  

The contents of our publications are subject to change. Obvious printing errors or language errors are not binding. In case of differences in interpretation, the Dutch terms and conditions apply.


Strandhotel de Horn may at any time refuse a booking for any reason whatsoever, unless this kind of rejection exclusively takes place on one or more grounds that are qualified as discrimination in section 429 quater of the Dutch Criminal Code.

Group bookings

Group bookings (more than 6 persons) can only be made on request. We reserve the right to refuse a group booking.

Hotel house regulations

The guest is obliged to comply with the house and conduct rules in force in Strandhotel de Horn and to follow the reasonable instructions of Strandhotel de Horn.

Guests are obliged to co-operate with reasonable requests from Strandhotel de Horn within the framework of its legal obligations concerning, for example, safety, identification, food safety/hygiene and limitation of nuisance.


Reservations made via strandhoteldehorn.nl (the hotel website), e-mail and telephone reservations will be subject to the following percentages of the reservation value to be paid by the customer in case of cancellation or changes (unless stipulated otherwise in writing):

In case of cancellation/or changes:

  • More than 1 month before the start date : 0%
  • More than14 days before the start date: 50%.
  • More than 24 hours before the start date: 85%.
  • 24 hours or less before the start date: 100%. 

For reservations made via intermediaries such as travel agencies and online travel agents, the cancellation fees stated there apply. 

 Re-letting/change of name

 Re-letting or name change* of your reservation is only allowed after permission from Strandhotel de Horn.

* Another person than stated in the reservation.


Your reservations made via strandhoteldehorn.nl (the hotel website), e-mail and telephone reservations are guaranteed by a prepayment of 50% or by a preauthorisation for the total amount of the reservation on your credit card. 

For reservations made through an intermediary such as travel agencies and online travel agents, different payment conditions apply.

On arrival at Strandhotel de Horn, you will pay the (remaining) amount of your invoice. 



 Strandhotel de Horn, our staff and staff hired through an agency are not liable for:

  1. Damage, theft or loss of property, brought by a guest who has taken up residence there. The client indemnifies Strandhotel de Horn against claims from guests in this respect. 
  2. Damage caused to or with vehicles belonging to the guest.
  3. Damage caused directly or indirectly to anyone or anything as a direct or indirect result of any defect or any quality or circumstance on, in or on our movable or immovable property.
  4. For goods given for safekeeping. 


Liability of Strandhotel de Horn is limited to the amount reasonably insurable.

The client and the guest and those accompanying them are jointly and severally liable for any damage which may arise for Strandhotel de Horn as a direct or indirect consequence of an attributable shortcoming and/or wrongful act, including breach of the house rules, committed by the client and/or the guest and/or those accompanying them, as well as for any damage caused by any animal and/or property in their possession or under their supervision.

Found objects

Lost or abandoned objects found in the building and appurtenances of Strandhotel de Horn must be handed in to the reception as soon as possible.

Property which has not been returned to Strandhotel de Horn within 3 months of its return will become the property of Strandhotel de Horn.

If Strandhotel de Horn sends objects left behind by the guest to the guest then this shall take place entirely at the risk and expense of the guest. Strandhotel de Horn shall never be held to proceed with despatch.